Consulting Studio takes what our Multidisciplinary Action Project (MAP) program started in the MBA degree programs and customizes it for our specialty One-Year Master’s programs. The experience is similar, but the business problems are focused on the expertise areas these students are studying. Ross students have successfully completed 90 projects since Consulting Studio launched and the impact continues to grow.

Master of Supply Chain Management

Students bring their business or engineering undergraduate degrees, 1-2 years of work experience and coursework in supply chain management to take on supply-chain-optimization projects for sponsors. These projects can range from logistics and sourcing to inventory management - a real world supply chain challenge is what these students are eager to work on.

Master of Business Analytics

After completing an undergraduate degree in business or STEM-related discipline and working for an average of 2 years, students are ready to transform data into impactful solutions. They utilize data provided by sponsors to derive actionable insights, recommendations, and even customized dashboards. Projects can cover a variety of project topics, so long as a rich dataset is provided.

Master of Management

These top-ranked graduate students, with up to 2 years of experience, come together to tackle their first intensive business experience. Students have a variety of undergraduate degrees and are looking to immerse themselves in business. Strong learning partner support throughout the program enables students to learn quickly while generating positive results for sponsors.

For All Consulting Studio Projects:
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Program runs for 12 weeks (January - April)
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Time commitment is up to 15 hours/week/student with a 3-day on-site component (Both Business Analytics Consulting Studio and Management Consulting Studio allow for virtual projects)
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Proposals are accepted from June - October